palmpreAfter Palm announced the Pre last month, I gathered reactions from prominent tech blogs and Pinoy techies, particularly Apple fans. I never got to complete it.

Still, here are some comments that I managed to dump on a WordPress draft, as well as those I recently saved while browsing old blog entries:

“I like the hardware, the new OS looks pretty solid and the demo of the integrated contacts/phonebook thing that looks like they actually got syncing right! It looks really sweet. The only gripe I have is I dont like the way they designed the icons. Hahaha.”

-Jeff of

“Nope! Not an iPhone killer! Hahaha.”

Angel, Steve Job’s no. 1 fan in Manila šŸ˜€

“Think iPhone, but flashier.”

“As a proud card carrying member of the iPhone club, I pride myself on being ahead of the curve in mobile device land. Well, this little gleaming slickster, might give me a bit of competition with the Palm users.”

The Daily Marauder

“There are no downsides to this phone!”

Cris, an Engadget reader