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TXTPower: Lower rates, ban text spam

To solve “vanishing load”, the NTC must exercise its powers to immediately lower rates for cellphone calls, text messaging and other mobile phone services. The NTC must also crack down on telcos and content providers that abuse their licenses by sending millions of spam messages,” said TXTPower president Anthony Ian Cruz.

TXTPower rejects anew tax on text

Consumer group TXTPower says the proposed 20-centavo text tax is “an insult to the intelligence of the people and a slap in the face of people in the midst of crisis.”

Scrap foreign junkets in lieu of text tax — TXTPower

Consumer group TXTPower today challenged President Arroyo to declare a moratorium on her foreign travels to save precious public funds and negate the need for the imposition of a new tax on text. TXTPower has long opposed any new tax… Continue Reading →

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