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Doing grocery with my Treo 650

My Palm Treo 650 helped me complete my grocery list yesterday. Instead of writing the items I needed to buy on a piece of paper that could easily get lost, I used my Treo

Confessions of a Filipino Palm Addict

The article below is my entry to PalmAddict Editor-in-Chief Sammual James McLoughlin’s holiday giveaway. I may just win a 15-inch Apple MacBook Pro for writing about how I use my mobile device. Confessions of a Filipino Palm Addict My name… Continue Reading →

Centro vs Treo 500v

Sa unang tingin, magkamukha ang Palm Centro at ang Treo 500v. Silipin natin ang kanilang mga pagkakapareho at pagkakaiba sa post na ito. Centro Treo 500v Availability US Europe Network CDMA – Sprint GSM – Vodafone, Vodacom Operating System Palm… Continue Reading →

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