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My Palm Centro

Like the Treo 650, my Palm Centro is still “a cellphone, personal digital assistant, portable MP3 and video player, digital camera, ebook reader and ‘game and watch’ in one device.”

Palm says it has sold more than two million Centros

More than two million Centros have already been sold, Palm announced on its blog this week.

“It seems like just yesterday that someone purchased the one-millionth Centro, and now we’ve sold two million of them,” the blog entry said.

Palm Centro now in black onyx and glacier white

Palm Philippines announced earlier this week that Palm Centro is already available in two colors: black onyx and glacier white. Palm Centro was only in white when it debuted here last April.

I still prefer the white one; it complements the white Asus Eee that I’d like to buy if and when I earn enough money.

A colorful Palm Centro TV commercial

Sprint, a telecommunication company in the United States, has a new television commercial for the Palm Centro, according to reports by Palm InfoCenter and TreoCentral.

The ad shows the different colors and features of Palm’s latest smartphone.

Palm is not a “dying platform”

Palm OS may be on the decline, but I don’t believe it’s a dying platform… Palm devices are too useful to be “on the way out.”

Palm Centro now in the Philippines

Palm Philippines has announced the availability of the Palm Centro in the Philippines.

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