While I’m an avid fan of Palm and webOS, I also use an iPhone. One of my favorite iPhone apps was the game Godfinger, in which one plays the role of a god. As the game’s ‘god,’ I maintained a planet that reminded me of the Little Prince’s planet. I created buildings where my creatures could work and earn points. I caused sunshine, rain, floods, lightning, and fires. Like most of other games, its goal was to reach the highest level possible.

There was a time when, after I upgraded to a newer iPhone, I could no longer play GodFinger. Then in 2013,  its maker, ngmoco, shut it down along with We Rule and other mobile games. I had to move on.

Sometime last year, I received an email survey about GodFinger, so I knew that its developers may be planning something. I eventually about the survey and the game. Then, this happened:

I checked out GodFinger’s Twitter page, and I was surprised to find out that it has returned as GodFinger 2 and is already available in Canada.

GodFinger 2 was apparently soft-lauched in the Canadian Apple App Store last November. It is not yet available in the US or in the Philippines, but the GodFinger folks want us to follow their Twitter and Facebook accounts for updates.

Using the instructions found on this link, I was able to create a Canada account on the App Store, so I now have GodFinger 2 on my iPhone.

GodFinger’s reply to my tweet was so sweet, I have to end this post now so I can go back to playing it before I sleep.