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Admob on Carrington Mobile

Makapalm’s mobile version is now powered by Carrington Mobile for WordPress. To add Admob advertisements on its mobile site, I edited three files under the carrington mobile theme folder: /posts/posts-default.php for ad on the homepage /single/single-default.php for ad on individual… Continue Reading →

Book about Palm Centro

Palm Centro users who want more than the manual that comes with a new phone may be interested in this new book entitled “Now You Know Centro”.

Written by Patrick Ames and published by Peachpit Press, the full-color book which is currently priced at $17.99 (around Php 783) promises tips, tutorials, and techniques not disclosed in the PDF manuals.

Ubuntu commands to remember

Some Ubuntu commands that I need to enter on my terminal to do some tasks.

Palm backup command on Linux

If you’re not on Linux or you can’t do a hotsync with your Linux yet, this post is not useful to you. pilot-xfer -p usb:/dev/ttyUSB1 -b palm_backup/ I found this command line — that generated a backup of all files… Continue Reading →

Treo contacts tip

Nadiskubre ko kamakailan ang tama at mas mabilis na paghahanap ng contacts sa Treo 650 ko. Dati, nawiwirduhan ako kapag naghanap ng number ng mga tao sa Contacts application ng Treo. Halimbawa, hahanapin ko ang number ni Diana Zubiri–kunwari, meron… Continue Reading →

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