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Palm EOS — post-Pre phone?

The Palm Pre isn’t even in the market yet, but the tech bloghosphere is already buzzing with rumors of an upcoming mini-Pre phone.

It’s Palm’s time to shine again

It’s almost midnight here in Manila, Philippines, and by the time we wake up tomorrow morning, the World Wide Web would probably be full of reports and comments on the new operating system that Palm is expected to announce at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Nevada.

New Centro colors

Palm InfoCenter today reported on “a hint as to what might be some upcoming new colors for the Centro” and posted an image from an online official Palm training guide.

Coming Soon: GDrive

After the announcement of Android mobile phone operating system, which is expected to compete directly with Palm OS, Google will probably unveil something new soon. Technology news sites are abuzz with reports that Google will be launching an online storage… Continue Reading →

Palm Centro GSM version

Nabalitaan ko sa isang blog entry ng Palm Info Center na mayroon nang nakahawak ng natsitsismis na GSM version ang Palm Centro. Ayon naman sa, isa sa mga blogger ng ang nag-post tungkol sa pagte-test niya sa PDA… Continue Reading →

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