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Twilight ebooks on sale at

Ebook version of the titles in Stephenie Meyer’s very popular Twilight Series are now on sale at The Twilight books tell the love story of Bella, a unique high school girl, and Edward, a perfect hunk who happens to be a vampire.

Facebook for Palm

Recognizing Facebook’s huge membership — having been “recently ranked by M:Metrics as one of the sites people visit most often on their mobile devices” — Palm created Facebook for Palm. I downloaded and tried to install it on my Treo 650, but it isn’t compatible with my device.

Will Palm apps run on Windows Mobile, Symbian and iPhone?

StyleTap Platform, I learned, is a mobile software that enables thousands of applications written for Palm OS to run on other devices. Styletap for WM has long been available, while a version for Symbian is already in beta testing. The iPhone version will be released this July.

Free Palm games, other freeware at

Juliana of e-mailed me this morning to inform me about the Palm OS freeware on their site. I checked it out and I found interesting, best of all, free Palm games and utilities.

Holy Bible on your Palm

Here are two Palm downloads that are useful and timely as the Christian World observes Holy Week.

Google Maps for Palm Treo

Being a fan of both Palm and Google, I already know that there is a software called Google Maps for mobile devices, including my Palm Treo. Google Maps offers maps–of course– as well as real-time traffic details in over 30… Continue Reading →

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