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While the officers of Mapalad are looking for new web hosting sponsors, members are advised to join the group’s Facebook page.

What they said about Palm Pre

After Palm announced the Pre last month, I gathered reactions from prominent tech blogs and Pinoy techies, particularly Apple fans. I never got to complete it. Still, here are some comments that I managed to dump on a WordPress draft, as well as those I recently saved while browsing old blog entries.

Book about Palm Centro

Palm Centro users who want more than the manual that comes with a new phone may be interested in this new book entitled “Now You Know Centro”.

Written by Patrick Ames and published by Peachpit Press, the full-color book which is currently priced at $17.99 (around Php 783) promises tips, tutorials, and techniques not disclosed in the PDF manuals.

Palm catches attention, inspires conversations

Great gadgets like the Palm Treo 650 inspire conversations even among strangers.


My name is Ederic, and I’m a Palm addict.

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