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What they said about Palm Pre

After Palm announced the Pre last month, I gathered reactions from prominent tech blogs and Pinoy techies, particularly Apple fans. I never got to complete it. Still, here are some comments that I managed to dump on a WordPress draft, as well as those I recently saved while browsing old blog entries.

Palm webOS and Palm Pre

Critics expected the launch to be Palm’s last attempt at fighting what they thought was an inevitable final slide to oblivion. But we now know that what the world witnessed was a sweet surprise that, for Palm’s loyal fans, felt like a reward for sticking it out with their beloved brand even if most of their friends had already moved on and embraced apples and berries. In Las Vegas, cheers and applause welcomed Palm’s new OS and its first phone.

Palm finally introduces Treo Pro

This time, it’s for real.

After repeated leaks on the details of its latest smartphone, Palm has finally unveiled Palm Treo Pro today.

Treo Pro — a.k.a Treo 850 or Palm Drucker — has WiFi

Treo Pro — Palm’s still-unannounced Windows Mobile smartphone — has been the latest and hottest topic in many tech blogs since yesterday.

It’s a “simple proof that Palm is not dying,” notes PalmAddict Asia Editor Andy J. S.

Palm says it has sold more than two million Centros

More than two million Centros have already been sold, Palm announced on its blog this week.

“It seems like just yesterday that someone purchased the one-millionth Centro, and now we’ve sold two million of them,” the blog entry said.

Palm Centro now in black onyx and glacier white

Palm Philippines announced earlier this week that Palm Centro is already available in two colors: black onyx and glacier white. Palm Centro was only in white when it debuted here last April.

I still prefer the white one; it complements the white Asus Eee that I’d like to buy if and when I earn enough money.

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