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Month June 2008

Microwarehouse sale: new Treo 680 for only P12,500

You may get a brand-new Treo 680 for as low as P12,500 during the Microwarehouse mid-year sale, which runs today and tomorrow.

The brand-new red and silver Treo 680, originally priced at P24,800, are sold with opened box but include complete accessories.

Those who prefer a brand-new, silver Treo 680 in an unopened box could get it for P17,500.

Download Firefox today

Help Firefox set a Guinness World Record for the most software downloaded in 24 hours by downloading Mozilla Firefox by 12:59 a.m., Thursday.

Facebook for Palm

Recognizing Facebook’s huge membership — having been “recently ranked by M:Metrics as one of the sites people visit most often on their mobile devices” — Palm created Facebook for Palm. I downloaded and tried to install it on my Treo 650, but it isn’t compatible with my device.’s 9000-dollar contest

In the hope of winning something that I could add to my still-to-be-announced Foleo 2 Fund or to my webhosting bill, I am joining’s 8979-dollar contest.

Will Palm apps run on Windows Mobile, Symbian and iPhone?

StyleTap Platform, I learned, is a mobile software that enables thousands of applications written for Palm OS to run on other devices. Styletap for WM has long been available, while a version for Symbian is already in beta testing. The iPhone version will be released this July.

Blog Contests Blog and the Imperial Contest

I recently created a blog contests blog “where I can write about and post my entries in the various contests that I will join.” It’s at

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