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Month March 2008

Treo 650 vs Treo 680

Slightly edited na sagot ko sa kung ano ba ang dapat bilhin: Palm Treo 650 o Treo 680?

Holy Bible on your Palm

Here are two Palm downloads that are useful and timely as the Christian World observes Holy Week. offers 25% off on all accessories

The Palm store — which accepts only United States billing and shipping addresses — is offering a 25% discount on all accessories bought until March 19.

Doing grocery with my Treo 650

My Palm Treo 650 helped me complete my grocery list yesterday. Instead of writing the items I needed to buy on a piece of paper that could easily get lost, I used my Treo

Entrecard and billboard advertising

Entrecard, an online business card service and blog link exchange network that is as addicting as your favorite social network, is being dismissed by its critics because it could increase a website’s bounce rate, or the fraction of browsers that visits a page then leaves immediately.

Texting with Bayantel Wireless

I was surprised when I received a text message early morning today from my friend MQM, a Bayantel Wireless Landline user.

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