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Month August 2007

For Palm newbies, check out It’s a Palm Thing ( It’s a nice site with an interactive flash presentation that demonstrates the uses of a Palm Treo.


My Palm is now running perfectly well again. A hard reset and reinstallation of the apps solved the problems I mentioned in my previous post.


While I usually brag that my Palm seldom gives me problems, the past week it was different. For some reason, it’s been freezing and I have been unable to do wireless syncing at home. Must be one of my favorite… Continue Reading →

Wireless syncing

While writing this post, I’m doing my first wireless sync ever. All the Palm devices I used before had no Bluetooth connectivity, and I also didn’t have an IR adapter, so cable hotsync was the only way for me then…. Continue Reading →

SMS fun with FunSMS

I still have on my Treo most my girlfriend’s old text messages–including those she sent me in 2003. Using FunSMS, as I was able to save messages from my Nokia phones — 7110 and 8250 — on my Palm. I… Continue Reading →

My Palm Treo 650

Palm Treo 650 is a cellphone, personal digital assistant, portable MP3 and video player, digital camera, ebook reader, and “game and watch” in one device.

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