Notes from a Filipino webOS user



Palm is not a “dying platform”

Palm OS may be on the decline, but I don’t believe it’s a dying platform… Palm devices are too useful to be “on the way out.”

Palm catches attention, inspires conversations

Great gadgets like the Palm Treo 650 inspire conversations even among strangers.

Treo 650 vs Treo 680

Slightly edited na sagot ko sa kung ano ba ang dapat bilhin: Palm Treo 650 o Treo 680? offers 25% off on all accessories

The Palm store — which accepts only United States billing and shipping addresses — is offering a 25% discount on all accessories bought until March 19.

New Palm devices nearing launch in the Philippines?

Jan 29 update: In a text chat with MakaPalm, the Product Manager for Palm Philippines hinted that two new Palm devices may be launched here soon. Discussions at, the country’s Palm users group, earlier mentioned that Gerald Senolos, the… Continue Reading →

Confessions of a Filipino Palm Addict

The article below is my entry to PalmAddict Editor-in-Chief Sammual James McLoughlin’s holiday giveaway. I may just win a 15-inch Apple MacBook Pro for writing about how I use my mobile device. Confessions of a Filipino Palm Addict My name… Continue Reading →

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